Browning Golden Eagle MRK III Mic Mod

This is a simple modification for Browning Golden Eagles. D104 on the stock two pin mic plug supplies 360 volts between D104 case and browning chassis. Always fun to key the mic and touch a Pick up some three pin mic plugs. Use the D104 shield and attach it to chassis ground. Before and after pics of modification.

You can go one step further. Remove the on/off switch on the transmitter and wire it full time hot. Simply plug the transmitter into the reciever rear AC socket. Reciever will turn on both units. Move R38 in place of the on/off switch. This allows for front panel audio level adjustment on AM. SSB requires significantly more audio then AM mode and allows audio level adjustment without touching the D104 mic gain pot. This allows the stock Banana mic to be interchangeable with the D104 without removing unit cases.