Six Port Repeater Allstar Controller

This is a non-internet 6 port controller with advanced feature like no other controller on the market. DTMF fully controllable anywhere on the network.

Hardware Required for 12vdc input system running on 5 VDC:

- Purchase three pi3b+'s, pi4 has a two usb fob bug.
- Purchase three CM108 USB Sound Cards, see picture for specific unit required
- Purchase a Similar Router to ZyXEL 3-in-1 Wireless N Pocket Travel Router, Access Point & Ethernet Client BH #ZYMWR102, MFR #MWR102
- Mini fan for router, see pictures
- Purchase three UCTRONICS DC 6V 9V 12V 24V to DC 5V 5A Buck Converter Module, 9-36V Step Down to USB 5V Transformer Dual Output Voltage Regulator Board
- CNAweb 1U Rack Shelf - 9"
- Three fuse holders, terminal block, and wire
- (Total controller cost $ 244.00 for three port expandiable to six ports for $18.00)

Create three Private Allstar node

URI Sound FOB modification:

- CM108 Sound Fob to Repeater Hookup, Simply follow the attached diagram for FOB modification. Attached shield to GND from Repeater and do not terminate shield at ground point on Fob. I have modified the original diagram from G6JOB. Remove the pink and green sockets, R6, R7, and C2.

NOTE - This pinout is for a TK850, change this to match your specific repeater type.
- COS to 25
- PTT to 16
- AUDIO to 9
- MIC to 11
- GND to 19

This controller is independent of internet, i.e., internet is not required. If internet is available connect the internet router to the LAN connection on the ZyXEL router. The use of the ZyXEL router allows for continued operation with the loss of internet and is independent of any Allstar server networks. It is also possible to access the Controller via WIFI allowing for non site access communications and setup.

Interconnect interfacing is specific, based on your needs. Example, I used private Allstar number of 1800-1805. I did the interconnect as follows:

1800 Repeater, 1801 spare port
1802 West bound repeater, 1803 spare port
1804 East bound repeater, 1805 spare port

Connected node 1800 to 1802 and 1804.