Private Network Radio-Less Allstar Node

Building a Radio-Less Private Allstar Node:

Items to purchase:

o Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with power supply, do not recommend a Pi 4
o SD card 16 gig
o Headset that has CM108 sound fob. MPOW PA071A headset is available on ebay new and used from $15-$30.

If your like to fab, the below link shows how to make a headset.

Download these program: Win32 Disk Imager -

SD Card format -

Putty -

Allstar Imager -

AnyDesk -

The following link will get you started. You want to make a private node without Allstarlink registration and your radio is your headset.

Plug the pi directly into one of your router cat5 ports, look at your router and locate the nodes ip address, login using putty port 222, name - root, password - root, and run first time.