TK850 Allstar Controller

URI DB25 pin to TRK-850

8 to 25
1 to 16
22 to 9
21 to 11
13 to 19

Pin 25 Program Aux Output 6, RX Signal Detected Active Low.

To Control TKR850 version 1 with DTMF defined by Allstar Node To enable GPio Inputs and Outputs for a URI, place in simpleusb.conf: gpioX = out,0, "X" being the GPio pin you want to use. Define it as an input or output. In this example it is an output GPio 4. In rpt.conf add the following:


This macro will trigger both *881 followed by *882 to complete the on/off cycle.

macro 2=*881 *882# ; Change channels on the Kenwood TKR-850

rpt cmd nodename macro 5 2
DTMF: *52

This example turns the io output for GPio pin 4 on and off via DTMF. Best to write scripts for what you like to do, but this will get you started and give you the basic understanding.GPio Input/Output Interface Coupling:

The URI output is active high 3.5-5 vdc. The TKR850 is looking for ground. Use a 2N7000 MosFet to interface the two devices together. "D" gets connected to one of the programing fuctions inputs on the TKR850 pins 4, 5, or 6. "G" connected to the URI GPio pin 4(In is example) and "S" to ground. You will need to define what you want the input to do via TKR-850 programing software.